“We now have a coalition of the willing that includes some 30 nations.”
—Colin Powell

Thank you for visiting the Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom/New Dawn Coalition Heroes Memorial. We honor the military personnel of America’s coalition partners who have given their lives in our two ongoing wars. The most recent deaths are shown below.  See deaths by nation at left.


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  1. Kelly Says:

    The following comment was posted by Robert L. Gladson of Lemon Grove, California, nearly a year ago in my general guest book. It applies to all those whose names are found on these pages.”I appreciate that those from other countries are recognized for their service to their countries and for freedom as well. They are patriots in their homelands just as surely as ours are here. It is fitting that we should salute all who have served together in this way. They are all our brothers and sisters, and we’re proud of and grateful to each of them.”

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It’s a good idea remember also the fallen warriors of others nations. Like the American soldiers, they were fighting against terror in Afghanistan or for build a future better Iraq. They deserve to be remembered and honoured.

  3. Shannon Cabrera-Austill Says:

    Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget to comfort those around us who have lost someone in this war. I don’t care if it was last month or 2 years or more ago, when you lose a loved one, esp. to war, it seems to stick a bit harder…because even though you feel greif, it’s different. It’s almost as if you could have prevented it someway. While you show a friend support, show support to EVERYONE who has lost their life in this war…Yes, even the bad guys. (They too, are someone’s child.)

  4. Sir Duck Says:

    I was at Camp Zulu where most of the Ukraine Soldiers were killed or wounded. 9 Jan 05 were 8 were killed, I knew them and was friends with most of them. Have pictures and a pic memorial for the Ukraines. http://thesirduck.blogspot.comSir Duck

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